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This issue features articles on gang tattoos, successful partnerships between businesses and youth job-training programs, and planning for program sustainability. Also included are a review of NGC’s collaborative webinar, an update on NGC’s 2015 gang legislation, and a Spanish Parents’ Guide to Gangs resource. NGC is supported by OJJDP and the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

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  • Concussion Study Shows Player - to - Player Hits Most Damaging

As officials at all levels of American football continue to debate how to prevent concussions, a new study using data from devices inside the helmets of high school players confirms that hits with other players are especially damaging.

The researchers suggest that officials consider ways to reduce collisions between players that put the head in danger, especially those involving players who have run longer distances.

Wisconsin Acts, Bills, or Executive Orders

Wisconsin Attorney General's June 2013 Safe School Legal Resource Manual 
Wisconsin Act 35 (Concealed Weapon)

State of WI Executive Order #194 (Health and Safety Loss Prevention, Safety Coordinator Requirement)
Wisconsin Act 309 (School Safety)
Senate Bill 353 (Student Seclusion/Restraint Bill) 

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Sample Policies, Checklists and Programs

  1. Annual Lockout/Tagout Inspection
  2. Blood borne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan
  3. Chemical Hygiene Plan
  4. Compressed Gas Cylinder Handling Policy
  5. Computer Workstation Evaluation
  6. Confined Space  Entry Regulations
  7. Emergency Operations Program
  8. Employee Ergonomic Suggestion
  9. Employee Hazard Communication Interview
  10. Ergonomics  
  11. Eye and Face Protection
  12. Fall Protection Program
  13. Guide to Developing Your Written Health and Safety Program
  14. Guidelines for Developing an Effective Health and Safety Committee
  15. Hazard Communication
  16. Hazardous Energy Control (Lockout/Tagout) Program
  17. Head Protection
  18. Health and Safety Compliance
  19. Health and Safety Survey
  20. Health and Safety Training Assessment Guide
  21. Health and Safety Training Program Evaluation
  22. Hearing Conservation Program
  23. Job Safety Analysis
  24. Lab Inspection
  25. Lockout/Tagout Compliance
  26. Ladder Safety Checklist 
  27. Office Ergonomics
  28. OSHA Compliance Checklist
  29. OSHA IAQ Guidelines 
  30. OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire
  31. OSHA/Dept. of Commerce Recommended Safety Training
  32. OSHA/Dept. of Commerce Recommended Training Requirements
  33. Personal Protective Equipment Compliance and Hazard Assessment
  34. Powered Industrial Truck Compliance Program
  35. Powered Industrial Tucks Inspection
  36. Principles of Injury/Illness Investigation and Analysis
  37. Quick Start Reference for New Agency/Facility Safety Manager/Coordinator
  38. Required MSDS Information
  39. Respirator Inspection
  40. Respiratory Hazard Assessment and Certification
  41. Respiratory Protection Hazard Assessment
  42. Respiratory Protection Program
  43. S&H Program Evaluation
  44. Semi-Automatic External Defibrillator (SAED) Guidelines
  45. State of Wisconsin Benchmarking Report 2011


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